James Penney

Even with 34 years of professional experience in the insurance industry, James Penney says he’s still learning new things every day. Especially now that he’s doing more work with commercial insurance at Mayflower Wollam’s North Jackson office.

“There are so many different risks out there and so many different types of business, from small retail shops to manufacturing to everything in between,” he says. “Your risk is different than the next guy’s risk, and that’s why your insurance policy has to be specifically tailored to what you do.”

That’s a challenge that James readily accepts as he works with his clients, getting to know their business, what they do and how they do it. He says that the better he can understand their business, the better he can provide solutions for them.

“Everybody wants to save money on insurance,” he says. “If I can improve their policy, plug some of the holes that they might have and save them money at the same time, it’s a beautiful thing.”

Prior to joining Mayflower Wollam in September 2006, James worked as an insurance department manager at a local financial institution before working 20 years as a marketing representative for a national life insurance company.