Life Insurance

Whether you’re funding your children’s education or planning for your future, finding the right life insurance can help you with all of your financial goals. If you’re single, married, a parent or grandparent, we can help you find the best life insurance policy for your needs.

  • Term Life Insurance provides coverage for a specific period of time, generally for periods of five years or more. This allows you to match the length of your policy to your specific needs.
  • Whole Life Insurance covers you throughout your lifetime and has a cash value.
  • Universal Life Insurance provides coverage throughout your lifetime, and offers more affordable premiums than Whole Life Insurance with incidental cash value accumulation.

There’s no wrong time to get life insurance. It makes sense whether you’re just starting out in life or in your prime earning years.  Purchasing life insurance early in life and when you are healthy will give you the lowest possible premium.

Factors to consider include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Amount of debt
  • Mortgage
  • Income replacement
  • Funeral expenses

Life insurance is a smart way to plan ahead so your loved ones don’t experience both an emotional and financial loss.  Everyone has different needs, at Mayflower Wollam Insurance Group we can create a life insurance plan to make sure the coverage and type of insurance is correct.  Contact us today or stop in at one of our three convenient locations.

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