Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurance is an evolving line of insurance that comes in many different forms. Not every cyber policy offers the protection or amount of coverage your business may truly need. Most companies we represent offer robust cyber protection to restore and protect your business in an ever-changing digital world. Here are some key questions that you should ask yourself when determining if you need this type of coverage:

  • How many records of customers do we keep?
  • How would I pay for notifying customers in the event their information is stolen?
  • How would I pay to regain the trust of my customers after a data breach?
  • What laws do I have to follow after my customers information is compromised?
  • Are my credit card processing methods compliant with all regulations?
  • Could my business be held liable for having insufficient security measures in place?

Give us a call today if you are interested in learning more about this valuable coverage. We have the ability to add this coverage to your current commercial or business policy. We can also write a stand-alone policy if you’re having trouble finding coverage in the standard marketplace!

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