Insuring yourself with an agency gives you the opportunity to experience a more competitive rate. Instead of one company offering you a single rate, we are able to quote your insurance needs with multiple companies and find the best, lowest rate to fit your budget!


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Our mission at Mayflower Wollam Insurance Group is to provide our clients with affordable, quality insurance products and services that meet or exceed their needs and expectations.

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Purchasing a new home? Restoring a classic car? Don’t let the unexpected ruin your investments. Let us help you keep all of your biggest purchases properly insured.
As a business owner, you’ve got enough to worry about without wondering what could happen. Let us keep your company insured so you can focus on your business.
There’s no wrong time to get life insurance, and at Mayflower Wollam we keep the process stress-free. Plan smart and get insured today.
Auto Insurance lets you plan for whatever happens along the road – particularly any expensive and unexpected surprises. Let us help protect you, your passengers and your investment.
Your home is the single largest asset you own, and insurance covers not only your home and possessions, but protects you if you're legally liable for someone's injuries on your property. Call us today to see what options are available to you.